Why owning a good property does not make you successful

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No to stress, yes to bookings

Do you want to become a manager for holiday rental properties? Was having a new permanent job the reason why you invested in the property? I don’t think so, right?


Hiring the right property management company is crucial and maybe even more so than having a fabulous apartment. Let’s find out what the real value is of having the right property management company.


Investment in a holiday apartment

You might really want to invest in a property here in Barcelona but it can be hard to find the most beautiful and perfectly located apartment. And that is just fine! Of course, having the perfect apartment is a nice base to start with but it doesn’t guarantee the success of the holiday rental. 

You don’t need to have the most amazing property to be a successful renter.

As your property management company knows what to highlight. They know what to work with and how they can make from an, at first sight, small and simple apartment a nice and bright place to stay in. They have the skills to attract guests for your property and guarantee bookings, bookings, bookings and, oh yes, even more bookings.




They maintain all relationships needed to manage a property and therefore take a lot of work out of your hands.


At first, renting out a property seems like an easy job but once you get started you see it takes a lot of time and effort. And this is where the perfect PMC will help you to get the best out of your property in terms of looks, maintenance, bookings, legislation, etc.


Here are some of the factors that make having the perfect PMC more important than owning the perfect apartment.



 1. Restyle your apartment


Redecorate your property in Barcelona

A good property management company takes the effort and time to restyle your apartment.


With the help of their interior designer, your property will be turned into a nice, bright and modern place to stay in for guests. The space will be designed in such a way that it is practical and functional to use and live in.



2. Highlight the right features


When listing an apartment it is important to implement some marketing techniques. Your property management company can take care of that! They collect all the information needed to post the apartment on several booking platforms. Each booking platform has its own approach so all this work will be taken out of your hands. Writing nice descriptions and having professional photos is a must for all booking platforms.


online-reviewsImagine your apartment doesn’t have a good view but it is located right in the city center.

A good property management company puts the spotlight on the positive aspects of the property but doesn’t lie! In that way, guests will have the right expectations before arriving and as a result, write positive reviews about your property.



3. Manage the bookings

Getting people to book your property seems easy but is it? Not always!

Your property management company will list it on several booking platforms. But you need to stand out from the rest to actually get reservations. Guests nowadays are pickier because there is a big offer for Holiday Rentals in Barcelona. To gain more and more bookings your property management company will build a relationship with tenants.


Not only before but especially during their stay.


It is important to check up on your guests to see if everything is fine and check if they need anything.  Still, mouth to ear advertising is the best way to get your products to sell and that also counts for renting out your apartment. Not only the city makes their stay, but the apartment contributes to the experience as well. Once they are back home the travel story includes their stay and hopefully your name!


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4. Taking care of all the legal issues


A property management company knows everything about the legislation concerning renting out a property. Things you might not have thought of at first will be taken care of by your property management company!

The legislation that goes along with renting out an apartment for tourists in Barcelona is not always easy to keep up with. For that reason hiring a property management company is highly recommended.

 Legislation for touristic apartments

Having a license is imperative to be able to rent out an apartment to tourists. In case you prefer renting out your property for a longer period than 31 days there is no need to have a special license. 

Keeping up with all the taxes (including the tourist tax) and fees that need to be paid is not easy. Moreover, your property management company will make sure they send out the police report after every check-in which is a requirement from the Catalunian government.


5. Manage your wallet


ROI on your apartment in BarcelonaAfter having purchased a property, there are a lot of fixed costs that go along with renting out an apartment. Combining the management of your own private accounts and those of your holiday rental can sometimes be a hustle to keep up with.

Your property management company can manage them all and even set the price in such a way that everything is included. Eventually, you will see that hiring a company will be more profitable when it comes to revenue, stress and time.


Are you considering investing in a Holiday Rental, or do you already own one, or more, in Barcelona? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to know how much the services of a PMC would cost you, and how much your apartment should generate every year.


Is your property management company doing a good job? 

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