The Features Of A Good Check-In

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The features of a good check-in

Ensuring that the guest has a positive check-in experience is very important, anyone who has been checked into an apartment will know, it sets the tone for the rest of the stay. Not only does the check-in process give the customer a complete understanding of the know-hows for the apartment, but it also gives an opportunity to meet with each other and create a good impression. There are actions that can improve a typical check-in, In this blog you will gain an understanding on the importance of a good check.        

Why great check-ins matter for guests of touristic apartments. 

A good check-in holds great importance to everyone involved, from the company, to the guests and the agents themselves, providing a service that is accessible for everyone to use is essential, and a good check-in allows this. The apartment that the guest will be living in is a set-up area which they haven't used before, having a friendly agent explain and demonstrate how to use the appliances in the apartment is very useful information for the guests. 


It is important for the company, as the guests who are using the services are getting a warm welcoming, one of the reasons towards guests being unhappy is due to the un-homely feeling. Giving your guests a homely experience by showing them a walkthrough of the apartment makes a massive difference towards their stay.


Coffee capsules

Offering a few coffee pods is always very much appreciated by the guests


The check-ins are crucial to the apartment managers as it makes guests aware of the apartments facilities. If the guests are comfortable, this is more likely to lead to a positive review, reviews are crucial as they lead to more visibility and awareness. An increase in brand visibility means that there will be more bookings being completed, this ultimately creates a chain which leads to increased demand, which only has a positive impact on the revenue generated by the apartment.


How to give guests a great time

The first feature of a good check-in is the agent, a positive and caring agent can make a massive difference on impressions on the company, ensuring that the agents have great customer service skills means there will be a positive impression on the company which leads to positive reviews. if the guests are coming to the city after a long flight, they will be tired and exhausted. A simple yet effective way is to offer a basket with local snacks/food, or a bottle of cava, this simple gift will show appreciation to the guests for choosing your apartment.


Free bottle of cava as welcome gift for their stay.

There are many check-ins that occur every day, in order to keep it informative and interesting for the guests, they will receive personalised advice from the agent. The personalised advice ranges depending on who the guests are, for example if there is a family with kids, the advice could be on places to visit such as Camp Nou/Zoo’s, if the guests are interested in architecture and design, recommending the beautiful work of Gaudi is ideal. Taking the time to give guests personalised messages and to answer any questions/queries gives the guests a starting point as to where they can explore the city.tired and exhausted. A simple yet effective way to make guests feel appreciated is to offer a basket with local snacks/food, or a bottle of cava, this simple gift will show appreciation to the guests for choosing your apartment


Going the extra mile for guests is something that should be done every day for every check-in, It shows the property manager’s availability to help them. Majority of the times they will be travelling without any friends/family in the city, completing any tasks or concerns the guests may have gives the assurance that they have a helpful and responsive company when needed.


Great check-ins tips for Barcelona

There also should be a 24/7 contact number that can be contacted in case of emergency, this gives visitors an option that they can call if they need help. Another simple action that contributes to the good check-in  process is to help with the luggage, most if not all all guests, will have some sort of luggage with them, especially if they are travelling from abroad. Helping to take the luggage to the room is a little but admirable action which will definitely be appreciated by the guests.

Finally, Staying in Barcelona means that there are 2 pieces of information that are needed, this is the passport details and the city tax, the passport details are a requirement for every guest, it is vital to ensure that the guests are accounted for.  

In order to make the process as easy as possible for the guests, giving the option to add this information beforehand is a great example of saving time. There is the option to add this information online, this means the guests won't have to do any of this during the check-in. These 2 pieces of information can be seen as draining and unnecessary for the guests, so giving the option to sort this out before they arrive in the city, makes it easy for everyone involved.



The check-in process has been created specifically for guest accessibility, it is a great way to give the information they require, and to gain the details required. The check-in process has been simplified to ensure that guests won't have any stress or problems during their stay. It also allows for a great impression of the company, a great impression has an outstanding effect in the long-term as it is always the unique actions which gain the guests attention. The helpful agents, personalised advice, welcome baskets, cava, are all the features of a good check-in.



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