The ultimate 5-step guide to durable decoration in your apartment

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When decorating a holiday rental, there are various things to take into consideration. You want the apartment to sell itself but it should also be low maintenance and have furniture that is durable. The convenience that the apartment offers is a very important step in the overall customer experience. The list below will give you a good idea of what you need to consider.


The ultimate 5-step guide to durable decoration in your holiday rental in Barcelona.  

Durable decoration for your holiday rental.

Why decorate for durability?

As hundreds of guests will be staying in your holiday rental, you want things to require low maintenance costs and be easy to clean. A small accident is bound to happen during the stay of a guest. So, be prepared and decorate accordingly. Light coloured carpets might look good, however they can be stained or damaged very easily.

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Easy to clean

Easy to cleanWhen you pick out furniture always try to think about buying hard-wearing and easy to clean items. Real or faux leather sofas are a good buy when it comes down to sofas. They are easy to wipe clean. If you don’t like that look, go for a sofa with a removable cover which is easy to machine wash. For all furniture: try to keep away from delicate fabrics, they tend to be harder to clean when stained.


Last longer

Another thing is that you want to buy solid furniture that doesn’t break that easily and therefore is going to have a longer life in your holiday rental. Paying a bit more for furniture might sound strange to you, but when you don’t have to buy the same piece over and over again it makes sense. A good idea is to see your furniture as an investment. However, don’t go overboard, accidents can still happen and you do not want an extremely expensive piece to get damaged.


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Small things to add durability

Small things to add durabilityThere are a lot of small things you can do to make your furniture last longer. Felt or rubber pads under the legs of a chair will not only prevent scratches on your floor, but your neighbours downstairs will also appreciate the effort, as those will eliminate the sound of the chairs. Want to get the most out of your mattress? Consider mattress protectors. Have you thought about coasters? Even if you have no guarantee that guests will use it. It is a small investment that can help extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Small restorations

When decorating your apartment keep your eyes open for minor defects. While painting you might find a bit of moisture in the wall. Fixing it now will mean you won’t have to do a big restoration in the future.


The durability of your furniture is up to everybody. If you have maintenance or cleaning staff they can help you too. Finding a small defect and fixing it right away can prevent major damages. One of our tips is to tighten the joints of your furniture regularly, so that they keep in good shape.



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