Digging Deeper into Airbnb: A problem co-hosted is a problem halved

Nov 13, 2019 10:32:17 AM / by Rory Macnair


Airbnb is constantly evolving, so property management companies can't afford to have the same strategy they had when the platform first appeared. For a management company, hosting all of its Airbnb listings on their own company account may seem like the best solution, but is it really best suited to the priorities of the property owner?


Airbnb Co-Host

Being an Airbnb co-host let property managers keep everything in control while benefitting the owners of touristic apartments and guests from it.  The chance to have each listing hosted by the property owner’s account on Airbnb, and managed by the agency's own account as a “co-host” provides a whole range of benefits.

The co-host option gives access to all the functionality that might be needed, while offering the property owners great advantages:  


Access to the property listing and have a view of everything, regarding its performance and status

  • Property owners put their trust in the managers to deliver results. Of course, updates on the Airbnb performances are a must for the owners of holiday rentals, and the co-host option allow them to keep a watchful eye on the progress. 
  • Property owners may not actually check up on the listing with this functionality, but its mere availability will boost their confidence on the service provided, as everything is very transparent, and no information can be hidden. 

Continued connection with the guests

  • As well as allowing to monitor all of the listing's activity, keeping property owners as the host of the listing, will keep owners in touch with their guests.
  • Guests still prefer the closer, personal appeal of meeting the owner one-to-one. While this may not be possible, even seeing the owner as a host/co-host on the listing will create confidence in the guests.
  • We can avoid the cold, corporate reputation that the presence might suggest by keeping that friendly, personal face on the Airbnb listing. 

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An easier path to the Superhost status 

  • The Superhost status depends on the listings that are managed by the PMC. When the property owners keep their property on their own account, they are guaranteed that their apartment should reach faster the Superhost status. It is especially true if the management agency is dealing with a lot of apartment on its own account. 
  • Once they reach the Superhost status, the apartment will not be impacted by potential negative grades received by other apartment managed by the PMC.


An easier “endgame” if property owners decide to change their management method. 

  • Obviously our property owner should never want to stop working with us, but situations can always change. Being an Airbnb co-host allows this separation process to be much easier for the owner, as they can return to being the sole host, keeping all of the positive reviews without any hassle.



Airbnb still hasn't quite perfected the balance between company and individually managed properties. As trends continue to change we may see guest preferences lean one way or the other, but until then the co-host option is a great way to keep our property owner in the loop. 


Being a co-host, whether we are a property management company or simply an individual host, brings easier and broader control on the listing. Having an extra pair of eyes on all aspects of the property management certainly can’t hurt, especially when it comes to replying to guests, tracking and responding to reviews and generally updating the listing.

If you’re looking for more information about co-hosting as an individual, GuestReady wrote this handy article which serves as a great guide. 




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